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High-Efficiency Beveled 20l Filter Tips

High-efficiency beveled pipette tips are designed to prevent sample and PCR contamination by containing a filter barrier. This results in more robust results. These tips are also great training wheels for new lab members. If a new member accidentally aspirates liquid into a pipette, they can simply discard the tip. This is much easier than sending the entire pipette to the lab for repair.

99% of Airborne Particles

These 200ul Conductive Filter Tips – Tecan can block 99% of airborne particles, including aerosols. These high-efficiency tips have been proven to be among the most effective in the market. They were tested by an independent testing institute against filter tips from other leading manufacturers. They also provide the highest levels of protection against particles.

High-Quality Tips

Choosing the right tips is essential. Good tips can improve precision, accuracy, and ease of use. It is worth investing in high-quality tips if you want the best results. You will be glad you did! There are many different types of pipette tips available. For accurate measurements, choose the right one for your specific application.

Agarose Gels & Isolating DNA

High-efficiency beveled pipette tips come with a variety of features that make them an excellent choice for any lab. For example, non-barrier tips are commonly used in laboratories for loading agarose gels and isolating DNA. They are also cheaper than barrier tips. Some of them come in convenient reloads and bulk packs. You should note, however, that bulk tips and pre-racked tips are not sterile. However, they can be sterilized in an autoclave.

High-Efficiency Beveled 20L Filter Tips are designed to remove 99% of airborne particles. Compared to standard tips, these are among the most effective filters in the market. Moreover, these filters have been tested in an independent testing institute to ensure their effectiveness. In fact, the performance of these tips was tested against those of other leading manufacturers.

High-Quality Materials

Choosing the right pipette tip is crucial for accurate measurements and ease of use. While the quantity of available tips is mind-boggling, you need to choose the one that fits your application. The best options are those made of high-quality materials.

TipOne(r) filter tips are made of virgin polypropylene and are certified RNase, DNA, and pyrogen free. The tips are made to fit most pipettes. They are also packaged in individual, hinged racks with a tear strip for ease of opening and closing. They are also tested and certified to be free of detectable RNase, DNA, and pyrogens.

Non-Barrier & Filter Pipette Tips

Non-barrier and filter pipette tips are used in many non-sensitive applications. They are commonly used in laboratories to load agarose gels and isolate DNA. They are also cheaper and more convenient to use. Moreover, they come in pre-racked or convenient reloads. However, the bulk tips and most reloads are not sterile. To sterilize them, you can use an autoclave.

Abdos Beveled 20l Filter Tips

The Abdos 1000Pcs 2-20ml Beveled Graduated Last Drop Low Retention Filter Tips, P11052 is a premium quality product from the brand. These tips are reusable and made of virgin polypropylene. They are easy to open without the use of sharp instruments. The tips have a slender micro-tip design that allows for precise sample expulsion. The plastic tips are also sterile and are free of DNA, pyrogens, and RNase.

Final Words:

The AmpliPur (r) Expert Tips contribute to the molecular testing performance by ensuring sample integrity during the pipetting process. These tips are made to Gilson’s quality standards and comply with the requirements of ISO 8655. They are DNase-free and certified free of RNase and dNase.