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10 Easy and Pretty Home Decor Ideas for Summer

When summer is the time of year, we all want to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. But sometimes, we want to relax at home as well! It is the season for BBQs, pool parties, and lazy days spent in the sun. It is the season of flowers and fresh colors, so why not bring some of that summer feeling into your home with these easy and pretty home decor ideas. Here are the most awesome summer home decorating ideas that will give your space a fresh and pretty look.

Add Some Greenery

Add some greenery to add a hint of summer vibes to your home. You can add some potted plants or cut flowers to your tables and shelves. Green is the shade of summer. It reminds you of the outdoors and all of the freshness that summer offers. It is a great way to add some color to your home without having to do a lot of work. Adding some indoor plants is a fantastic way to make your home feel like summer. You can even keep a few small potted plants on your porch or patio during the warmer months. Likewise, hanging floral baskets and floral plants are great summertime home decoration ideas.

Incorporate Seashells

Another way to add a summery touch to your home is by using seashells in your decor. You can put them in bowls or vases around the house or even use them as coasters on your coffee table. Seashells are a great way to bring the beach into your home without leaving the comfort of your couch. In addition, you can also bring some small stones and pebbles inside to place in bowls or vases as well. The use of stones and pebbles will give any room a coastal and natural look.

Use Summer-Themed Rugs and Towels

Using summer-themed rugs and towels is a great way to bring summer vibes. You can find these items easily online or in stores. They are usually brightly colored and have fun designs like palm trees, flip-flops, or even ice cream cones. Another great thing about using rugs and towels is that they can be easily swapped out when the season changes.

Have Fun with Colors

Another way to add a touch of summer to your home is with some fun and colorful throw pillows. You can find these pillows just about anywhere. They are an easy way to add a bit of personality and style to your space without doing much work. Simply find some you like and toss them on your sofa or bed. Colorful rugs and runners are also a great way to add summertime flair to your home. Maybe you think of rugs as expensive home items, but by using CouponGot coupons and home improvement deals, you can find some great rugs for an amazing price.

Doors and Windows

Your doors and windows are another great way to add summertime style to your home. Adding a wreath to your front door is easy to make it look more inviting and welcoming. You can also add some pretty curtains or shades to your windows. If you want to let in some natural light, try adding a suncatcher to your window. In addition, hanging breezy and sheer curtains can also add a summertime style to your home. Or, to level it up, hang floral baskets outside your windows. String curtains are also a good option to give your home a summery feel.

Bring in Some Summer Scents

Make your home feel more summery by bringing in summer scents. There are a lot of great scented candles and diffusers that have summertime scents like citrus, cucumber, or lavender. Essential oils are also a great way to make your home smell. You can add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser or even just put them in a bowl of water on your counter. Air fresheners are also a great way to keep your home smelling summary.

Bring Fresh Flowers

One simple way to add a touch of summer to your home is by incorporating fresh flowers into your decor. You can put them in vases around the house or just in a Mason jar on the kitchen counter. Flowers signify summer and breezy days, so they’re a great way to bring the outdoors in and enjoy the summer season. Flowers add color to your home. The brighter, the better! If fresh flowers are unavailable, bring in some faux flowers. You can find a wide variety of flowers at any home decor shop, and by using coupons and promo codes, you can get them at less price.

Bring in Floral Patterns

Summer is the other name for flowers and colors. So, it would be a great idea to bring some floral patterns into your home during this season. You can find these floral patterns on everything from bedding to curtains to tablecloths. Or, if you’re feeling extra bold, you can even paint a floral pattern on a wall or piece of furniture. Just make sure that the colors you choose complement each other. Floral wallpapers or decals are another great way to add a pop of color to your home.

Use Bright Colors

Summer is all about being colorful, bright, and bold, so don’t be afraid to use colors that stand out. You can paint a wall or add some brightly colored accessories to a room. If you’re not sure what colors to use, try looking for inspiration in nature. The colors of flowers and trees are always beautiful this time of year. Using natural colors is a great way to create a calming and serene space. Likewise, yellow, pink, green, and other bright colors can liven up a room.

Incorporate Light and Breezy Shades

Summer is the name of light and cool hues, so make sure to add some to your home décor. Sheer curtains are perfect for letting in natural light while still providing privacy. They’re also great for making a room feel more airy and open. If you don’t want to use curtains, you can try adding some lightweight shades or blinds. In addition, calm and comfortable home linens are perfect for summer. Swap out your heavy blankets and throws for lighter quilts and coverlets. You can also use airy cotton sheets to stay cool at night.

Wrapping Up!

Summertime is all about keeping things simple and relaxed. By following these tips, you can easily give your home a summer makeover that’s both stylish and comfortable. Do you have any other easy and pretty home decor ideas for summer? Share them with us in the comments below!