How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify?

One of the dominant music streaming services worldwide with hundreds of millions of users. Spotify has managed to keep a broad reach by providing an interface across multiple platforms while maintaining a library of 50 million tracks. In exploring, you may have gone to a few artists you don’t want on your recently played page.

You can remove these artists reasonably quickly, but you might have gone a little lost while looking for the option settings you control on Spotify differently between the web player desktop and mobile app. Here’s how and where to do it; you have to be on Spotify’s desktop app to start.

Managing your settings

If you want to keep others from seeing you are recently played artists click the arrow icon next to your username and select settings from here; scroll down and see you get to the social section of your settings menu and talk all off, showing you are recently played artists this shoot instantly hide the area from your profile.

If you want to clear them out from your recently played page, navigate to the playlist using the menu on the left from here, hover over an artist you want to remove, click on the trip icon that appears, and click on remove from recently played. The artist should be removed from the list instantly, though do note that it may take some time for it to disappear from your Spotify’s home page to prevent new artists from showing up on your recently played can start a private listening session on both the desktop and mobile app to do this on your desktop.

Choosing the private session

Click the arrow icon next to your user name and select the private session. A blue padlock icon should show your profile image to notify you that your current session is confidential.

If you’re on the mobile, apps have the gear icon on the top of the page; to access your settings menu, scroll down to the social section and toggle the private session. There’ll be no visual reminder that you’re currently on a remote session; no private sessions automatically once you restart Spotify or after a long period of inactivity.

How to remove your played songs history 

Spotify used to give the option to delete each recently played song, but with the new update, this isn’t possible. Unfortunately, some settings stop Spotify from saving your songs to the recently played tab.

That you can use to prevent this from happening in the future, and first things want to even up your.

Spotify app, of course, and it should look like this. What you need to do next is press the settings icon at the top right of the screen, and you will be taken here at this point.

Ways by which you can control your recently played history

You have to scroll down until you see social. Now there are two options that you can choose from a private session which means that anything you play from the point that you turn this on will not be tracked and put on your recently played this activity; alternatively, what you can do is toggle listening activity off and if you don’t want people to see your reason you played then this make sure that they don’t and unfortunately at the moment that’s about all you can do.

And to be fair, recently played isn’t on your home screen anymore. So it’s not as intrusive, but if you follow these steps as we advance, songs won’t be saved to your recently played.

Hiding your history

However, you can do a couple of different things to either hide this or, you know, make it so that nobody can go on it at all.

The first thing you can do is to go ahead and log out of your account entirely and use the free fort. People can scroll through songs, and if you use your Spotify without actually recording on recently played.

You can go up to the top to the settings button and then scroll it Logout and by logging out, embodying the accessible format and not having it recorded into the system.

So you don’t have any recently played. The next thing you need to do is move ahead and then can hide playlists.

So on recently played, you can’t delete the playlist, but you make it private, so it’s not showing you recently played on your profile.

Toggling things up

So if you go to a playlist you have made, you will see it and open it up; then, you can hit these three dots and scroll down and print the date.

So basically, it will still be on your recently played on your end but on the public-facing form that, they cannot see that this was recently played.

If you go ahead and hit make behind us. The last thing you can do is hide your recently played from your public-facing profile.

So if you want to do that, you can go to settings on the top right, then scroll down to where it says social, and at the bottom, it says recently played artists, and basically.

If you toggle this on, it will be on your public-facing profile, and people can see you recently played; however, if you toggle it off, it will be hidden from your profile, and nobody can see it.

So that is how you can hide your recent play from people again. There’s no way to delete it, but that is how to hide it.

You are controlling your history manually.

 If you do it on the phone, you have to do it one by one manually, and there’s no other way to do that super annoying.

It’s recommended that you go to the desktop; if you don’t, it will take you forever.

 So what you do here is you click on the first song, and you’re going to control it, and you’re going to select all of them.

 Then you’ll see it’ll select a bunch of them. Now, unfortunately, It won’t pick them all. Just be unless you don’t have any songs. So you must keep scrolling down and getting control until you get them all, and then you can hit that remove.

They’re all going to be gone; that way, you’ll have a new like songs list, you know, to sort through.