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How to Go Live on Twitch?

To enjoy live streaming, Twitch offers a platform for various streamers. It is where you can build a community with people of the same interest.

What is Twitch?

It is a leading platform to stream your talent in a specified way, whether art, music, gameplay, or all the best sports action. 

You can do so within 5 minutes in just a few simple steps.

This Amazon-owned streaming service is home to millions of content creators. 

Twitch provides you with live video streaming facilities.

It started with gameplay streaming and has expanded over various categories.

Twitch has created and maintains its unbeatable position in live streaming. 

You can stream the games of your own choice.

It offers interactive live streaming by allowing chat and also has the feature of giving reactions while streaming. 

To go live on Twitch, you must first own a Twitch account.

How to Sign-up for a Twitch account?

Download the Twitch app from Google Play Store for Android devices, or you can download it from App Store if you are an iPhone user. 

Then create an account if you have not made one—sign up using your phone number or email. If you use your email, then verify it by the OTP.

Choose your username and then fill up your personal information. 

You must remember to turn on the Two-Factor Authentication for your account’s safety and thoroughly review the Community Guidelines and Terms of Services.

Now, you have got your Twitch account.

You can Go Live on Twitch from various platforms. 

The easiest and fastest way to Go Live on Twitch is from your smartphone.

How to Go Live on Twitch from your smartphone? 

After creating your account, sign in and press on the profile icon at the top-left corner of your phone’s screen. 

Under it, press on the Go Live option.

Choose anyone from Stream Game and Stream IRL. 

For choosing the Stream Game option, allow the permission for “Display over other apps.” Select the game you want to stream, and then title your stream. 

Press on the “Start Broadcast” to go live.

If you go with the Stream IRL option, select a title for your stream and choose the category. All you have to do is press the “Start Stream” button to go live.

After ending your live stream, you can save it too and watch it later. You will get it in My Channel under your profile.

How to Go Live from your PC?

First, browse the Twitch app and log in to your account. If you don’t own an account on Twitch, sign up for a new report by filling out the form that appears when you click on the Signup option. 

Going live from your PC is not a very handy option. It would help if you had software to broadcast. 

Which software to use for going live on PC?

Various free and paid options exist for going live on Twitch from your PC. 

But, the most preferred option is Twitch’s own free Twitch Studio application. 

It’s a better option than any third-party app.

How to use Twitch Studio?

It’s Twitch’s first-party streaming software. You can use Twitch Studio by downloading and installing it on your PC from its official website. 

Login and then connect your mic and your webcam.

Twitch eases the process of streaming and helps automatically detect microphones and other technical aspects.

Click on the Start Stream option at the bottom of the app. 

Select the category and title for the stream.

Finally, click on “Go Live.” 

Twitch Studio helps in streaming and going live in minutes. You can even personalize the look of your stream with it.

What are the hardware recommendations for going live on PC?

If you plan to Go Live on your smartphone, you don’t need to think a lot. But for going live on PC, you need to have the proper hardware and software. 

It is all right if you are not considering keeping up with the latest generation hardware or model. All you need to remember is that your hardware must be capable of managing multiple things at the broadcast time. 

It would help if you had a reasonably strong CPU to handle gaming and encoding simultaneously for a streaming desktop computer.

You don’t need to invest much in essential gear for a start. Just try to meet the requirements.

You need to invest in a microphone of good audio quality to make your stream more engaging and attractive. 

A webcam is also required to maintain the video quality of your stream. 

If you are considering additional streaming gear, go ahead with the Green Screen, Lighting, Stream Deck, etc. 

So, it would help if you had a PC (a console or a smartphone), a microphone, and a webcam as your basic gear requirements. 

How to make your stream more effective and productive? 

A streamer enjoys its live stream more when there is a broader audience. Unless you are on Twitch only for your enjoying purpose and not for any income, a smaller audience won’t affect you. But, to generate revenue from Twitch, you need to have more and more viewers and followers.

But how do you get more viewers and followers?

Many people buy authentic Twitch followers. Twitch is an ocean of live streams, and in this ocean, if you want your stream to be effective and successful, then you need to keep a few things in mind : 

You should stream categories of your interest and choose them wisely. Choose the games carefully and go with the content with which you can be regular. In this way, you will attract more viewers. People prefer to buy Twitch viewers too. 

Customize your channel in such a way that it looks eye-catching. 


Thus, Twitch is a vast platform where you can stream anything you like, starting from gameplay, art, and music to your daily vlogging. 

It’s like a home to connect people of the same interests and build a community.