Unique Ways Of Customizing Holographic Mailer Box For Increased Brand Value

It’s time to put your creative instinct into your product’s packaging style, which you can effectively achieve through holographic box packaging. You can use this attractive packaging type for products irrespective of their niche. This step can prove as a revenue-generating action for you. Customers would prefer your brand over your competitors. It’s evident that if a manufacturer has put effort into the product’s packaging, the item inside it would also be worth it. 

You can opt to design these boxes in a three-dimensional style to add to the beauty. Even adding some embossed materials or alluring add-ons can do the job. This article will describe a few functional ways to customize a holographic shipping box. Read on if you also want to transform your business for good and retain as many customers as possible through an effective packaging strategy.

Ways to Customize Holographic Box Packaging 

There are multiple ways to add a personal touch to your product’s packaging for branding. Before moving towards exploring them, let’s briefly know the value of customized packaging for a retail business. 

Custom packaging of any type is a cost-effective marketing solution. This aspect allows you to convey your message to the audience through inviting designs or quotes. It helps your product attain a unique identity and stand high among competitors. Also, you can highlight vital details about the product on such boxes so customers would know what they’re getting. It gives them a sense of transparency from your brand. 

Now, let’s explore how you can beautifully customize a holographic mailer box to enhance the uniqueness of your brand. 

1. Ribbons 

Wrapping a color-contrasting ribbon around a holographic shipping box is perfect for making your product gift-ready. It’s one of the most underrated ways of customizing a packaging box in the retail industry. You can also attach a small card with your brand name or message with these ribbons to provide a perfect finishing. Either wrap the box vertically and horizontally with ribbon or utilize only one side to stick this beautiful prop. These ideas can give boxes the attractive touch you desire for branding your product. Usually, manufacturers prefer matching color ribbons for holographic box packaging, but you can also choose a contrasting option. 

2. Hot stamping or foiling 

It’s one of the most beautiful ways of customizing a holographic mailer box. The process involves stamping your brand initials, name, or message in a beautiful design. An image mold is heated before transferring it intact onto the packaging box’s surface. It’s highly durable and remains permanent on the box. The foil sticks well and counts as one environment-friendly option to personalize a holographic shipping box. Several service providers don’t only manufacture the boxes but also deal in such kinds of add-ons. You can get in touch with them and design an attractive stamp image to enhance the value of your product. 

3. Glass window 

Do you know customers like it when they can sneak peek inside the box to see the product? A glass window in holographic box packaging is a perfect way to win consumer trust. It also offers an attractive idea that can double-fold the beauty of a holographic shipping box that already looks pretty gorgeous. This eye-catching design is safe and reliable, preventing damage to the product if you sell something fragile. You can opt for this all-in-one add-on idea to win more customers and eventually start generating handsome revenue. That’s the plan behind adding a customized holographic box to your business’s product packaging plan. 

Wrapping Up 

A packaging box leaves the first impression on customers. They’ll most likely choose your product if it’s packaged nicely. Hence, it’s also essential to consider this aspect of a business. Your hard-earned money will go waste if you put it entirely into manufacturing products. You must also get creative with packaging to generate maximum revenue. For this, a holographic shipping box is a perfect choice. Its colorful exterior can be a revolutionary change for your cosmetics or perfumery brand. Besides being cost-effective, this option is highly customizable, so your product can have an identity of its own. Moreover, customers would like your approach and build trust in whatever you’re selling.


Q: Is a holographic mailer box an environmental-friendly packaging option?

A: Yes, it’s 100 recyclable. By choosing this packaging option, you can simultaneously fulfill your duty toward the environment and attract atmosphere-conscious customers to your brand. 

Q: What is micro embossing on holographic box packaging?

A: Micro embossing is a technique that gives rise to the attractive 3D design and color of a holographic box. Here, different patterns of multiple pictures are blended while light passes through the upper layer of the box to create an exceptional view. It works as a perfect approach to attract customers to your products.