What are the Advantages of Using a Door Knob Hanger?

Many home service businesses tend to swear by door hanger printing as a way to introduce their business to their neighbourhood or advertise their service or products to a potential customer. With these promotional materials, users can also promote special discounts and deals. 

However, with all ads, direct mailers, and digital ads competing to draw the attention of the customers, many wonder if a door knob hanger is really useful. 

For your benefit, we are going to list the advantages of door hanger advertising that will help you decide if you need to add it to the marketing strategy of a service business.  

Here are the top advantages of using professional door hangers. 

1. Alternative Advertising

Like mentioned above, door hangers are an incredible alternative to advertising. These aren’t usually direct mail marketing material and due to this people are confused if it is the right choice or not. But door hangers are advantageous as people can get crucial details from them. With these, your customers will know if they require your product or not. 

2. Affordable Way to Reach Out to Customers

Professional door hangers are a popular option because they are affordable for all types of businesses. It is particularly true if your customer base is local. You can order door hangers in batches which are good for your needs. These marketing materials deliver significant results at a low cost in comparison to other methods. reaching out to the same number of customers with a local TV ad or digital marketing campaign is going to be more expensive. However, it can potentially be less effective. For small businesses with a small marketing budget, door hangers can be a great tool to reach out to a big group of potential customers. 

3. Improved Brand Recognition

No matter whether you have an old or new business, getting your brand name in front of your potential customer should be the main aim of your marketing strategy. Plastic door hangers are tangible, physical, and memorable. It will help in improving brand awareness and grab new customers who might not have an idea about your business. Adding your brand name to their knowledge of regional companies is crucial. Even if you are not taking advantage of the deal you are providing, they are likely to remember you later on if they need your service or product. Plastic door hangers are an incredible way to refresh the memories of your existing customers. 

4. Fully Customizable

The design for the door hanger can fit into the precise branding needs of the company, including an infinite option of color schemes, layouts, and fonts. They can be glossy with graphics or full-color photos to deliver the message in an interesting and creative manner. You can also choose practical features, such as a designated coupon area or a business slot that gets perforated. 

5. Straightforward and Flexible

Door hangers are a flexible method to market, which can be useful in various scenarios. You have full control over when your potential customers see the message that is helpful for campaigns that are time sensitive, such as a holiday sale. Also, it is easier to put together a campaign on short notice and they can be distributed door-to-door since you have the materials. If you know that your message is going to reach out to the potential audience will give you a wide range of options for how you are using the tools effectively. 

6. Good for Actionable Marketing

Custom plastic door hangers keep proving their value through the exclusive advantage of an incredible method to distribute discounts and coupons. Design a campaign that comes with an actionable offer, which customers redeem with a door hanger. When you provide it with a deal is going to be an incredible motivation for the customers for saving door hangers and then taking advantage of the offer. 

No matter whether you are using door hangers to promote a special discount or introduce a new store, custom door hangers shouldn’t be overlooked.