6 Must-Read Tips in Buying Tickets for K-Pop Concerts

K-pop concerts are sought-after, and you will really see and hear about them getting sold out just a few minutes after ticket selling opens. The K-pop craze all over the world makes all fans wait for their favorite K-pop artists with their money prepared – ready or not really! If you are not a K-pop fan, and you think that concert ticket selling is just like cinema ticket selling, then know that you are not even a bit correct. It’s more intense than any non K-pop individual could imagine.

Now, if you are a K-pop fan who’s aiming to purchase tickets for your faves’ upcoming concerts, you better be in position when ticket selling begins because it’s going to be one wild quest! If it’s your first time, then buckle up. But don’t be so nervous (even though that’s quite a given) because here is a list of 6 helpful tips for you in buying tickets for K-pop concerts. Bookmark it! 

1 – Make sure you have money.

Photo: Blackpink (YG Entertainment)

As obvious as it is, no one would dare buy tickets without some moolah. The first thing to keep in mind is to make sure you have money. See to it that you have enough for the ticket price you are aiming for. 

Once the ticket selling date is announced, start saving up. Especially if it’s still far away, you have a lot of time. Avoid impulsive purchases and unnecessary buying to make way for the tickets to your much-awaited K-pop concerts.

It’s important to have more than enough money, too, in case there will be extra charges aside from the actual prices written on the sale posters. Those charges are legally due to local taxes or online fees. Be prepared for them too. 

2 – Read a lot about the venue and seat plan.

Photo: EXO (SM Town)

The celebrity management company, together with the specific K-pop concerts’ organizers, disclose the location once they tease about the event. From that time on, read a lot about the venue and the seat plan too. 

If you live far and are unfamiliar with the venue, do some research about it. It will help you know if it’s really possible for you to attend the concert, thus if you should bother falling in line for the tickets. Learn about the transportation means available there as well. These will help you decide whether or not you will push through purchasing tickets. Or if the concert has 2 show dates, then you can decide if you will attend only one or both days.

More importantly, read a lot about the seat plan, and think about which you would get. Many fans who have previously experienced K-pop concerts in local concert arenas share their perspectives in different sections. They make threads and upload photos online to give other fans a glimpse of how close or how far the seats could possibly be from the stage. 

3 – Carefully decide on your desired section.

Photo: SF9 (FNC Entertainment)

Normally, people think that the best section is always the one closest to the stage, which is the most expensive. Well, if you are aiming to get close and to have the chance to personally interact with your K-pop favorites, then that really is the best area. Nonetheless, other seats have great benefits, too, such as having a full view of the whole stage from the seated zones. 

Before ticket selling opens, you must be fully sure of which tier and seat you will get. You cannot be slow because tickets might get sold out before you know! 

4 – Mark the ticket sale date on your calendar.

Photo: Treasure (YG Entertainment)

When the celebrity management company releases an announcement about the concert, immediately mark the ticket sale date on your calendar. Even when you have money ready, if you forget about the date and time of the ticket selling, you might fail to secure your tickets. Some fans experience this because they are too busy or confused about their schedules. Something similar could happen to you as well, and it will be horrible for a fan, like you, who really wishes to attend your favorite K-pop artists’ concerts! 

To avoid such mishaps, be certain to take note about the ticket selling date and other details. Set an alarm in your cell phone, so you will be notified at least a day before the ticket selling date. You could also ask someone you trust to remind you about it. Best if you stay updated online also, so you will not forget about it. For sure, many fans are always talking about the concert, so it’s nearly impossible for you to miss the ticket sale day! 

5 – Be ready to fall in line, offline or online.

Photo: Twice (JYP Entertainment) / Owned by: @TWICE_NYI

K-pop concerts are no joke from beginning to end! K-pop fans are looking forward to them indeed, so you can expect ticket selling to be a battlefield. More often than not, ticket selling dates are chaotic and confusing because countless fans are lining up in hopes of securing their tickets. 

If you are determined to attend your beloved K-pop artists’ concerts, then be ready to fall in line with buckets of patience! Offline or online, wherever you plan to buy your tickets, be sure you have lots of endurance and commitment. 

Some enthusiastic fans who want to be 101% sure that they get their tickets on selling day even camp out of the ticket offices. They arrive the night before the day of selling, so they are earlier than most fans! If you wish to do like them, if you have time, then you have to be physically prepared indeed.

6 – Have back-up plans.

Photo: iKON (YG Entertainment)

Many unexpected happenings can make ticket selling dates extra challenging. Sometimes, machines used by ticket centers lag. Often, ticket selling websites crash because of numerous fans simultaneously accessing them to procure their tickets. Sadly, your desired seats might also be taken by others before you. 

With all these possibilities, you must have feasible back-up plans. While lining up in the mall for your physical ticket, you should also be lining up online for an e-ticket. In that way, whichever accommodates you first will be your certainty. Ask a friend, a family member or a trusted fellow fan to line up for you offline or online as well. Aside from your originally planned seat, choose another too in case your first option gets bought by others. 



Do some research, and read about experiences of former K-pop concert attendees, so you have many more detailed ideas about fans’ personal encounters. Read about the venue, the organizers, the rules, the perks, and everything that will actually be important elements of the concert. Ask around. Seek help from friends who are K-pop fans, like you, but who are older in the culture. 

Make sure you are prepped, financially, physically and also emotionally and mentally for ticket selling! Do your best to check those concert tickets out, and secure your desired seats for that much-awaited K-pop live event!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.