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What is a good video hosting service for live-streaming videos?

Compared to hosting videos on your website, the customisation possibilities and degree of control you have when using a streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo are far more limited. Even so, it requires more resources than most standard web hosting services.

Some features should be present on any website designed specifically for hosting videos. These elements include a secure data centre, a state-of-the-art CDN, and copious amounts of storage, bandwidth, and computing capacity.

We’ve made a list of the best websites for hosting videos and told you why you might want to switch from another file storage service to one of them.

Brightcove offers three unique types of video hosting packages: monetisation, marketing, and enterprise communications.

The marketing plan uses interactive video, social sharing, audience analytics, and links to CRM.

When you sign up for the Enterprise Comms plan, your team will gain access to tools that will improve their ability to communicate and work together. Secure video playback and live streaming are two of these options. You also receive internal viewing metrics and video portals for employees.

You can probably guess from the name that the monetisation plan is designed for users who wish to make money from the videos they submit. It can stream content, providing options for server-side ad insertion and connectors with ad servers. The Benefits and Drawbacks 

Because of its adaptability, Brightcove can meet the needs of a wide range of video-hosting customers. A premium add-on must be purchased if you want access to live chat and phone support, and it’s even more expensive to have this service available 24/7.

Cincopa has four distinct video hosting plans: Startup, Plus, Corporate, and Agency. In addition to hosting videos, these packages include space for storing photo galleries and audio files.

If you choose the Startup plan, you’ll get access to a completely customisable video player and fully editable gallery themes for both images and audio. However, this plan has a limit of five movies, 50 songs, and 500 photos.

If you pay for a more expensive plan, you’ll get access to premium features like unlimited storage, marketing tools, video analytics, password protection, and screen recording. The Benefits and DrawbacksTheir video hosting services are cheap and feature-rich, but they don’t offer 24/7 support.

There are only two paid plans for hosting videos on the Dailymotion website. They are called Standard and Advanced.

Standard subscribers get access to an HTML5 video player, 4K/60p encoding, watermarking, a CMS, and performance data.

Anyone can join the standard plan, but only those who get in touch with Dailymotion and submit applications will be allowed to enter the advanced program. There are features like live streaming to an unlimited amount of viewers, sharing on social media, and uploading from a mobile device. The Benefits and Drawbacks Dailymotion’s services are entirely accessible to users, as the firm is supported by advertising. The lack of real-time assistance is, however, a severe downside.

About 500 million people on Facebook regularly view videos there. If you were planning to submit your videos to Facebook anyway, you might as well use this solution because it provides a more seamless experience for your viewers.

Facebook provides tools like in-stream ads and branded content that simplify monetising your videos.

The maximum file size for a video on Facebook is 10 GB, and the maximum runtime is 240 minutes. It is also suggested that you transfer the video in MP4 format and keep the resolution lower than 1080p. The Benefits and DrawbacksFacebook’s video hosting is competitively priced, but the platform’s functionality and support are lacking.

Many people are saying how much they like Facebook’s video player because of how well it’s designed. The speaker said, “The quality was much above my expectations.” The player itself is compact and stylish. These four are the best, in my opinion, but even among them, I think Facebook is your best bet for watching videos online.