Top 10 Best News Portals to Get Latest News on Ghana

Ghana is noted as one of the West African countries with a rapidly rising number of individuals using and accessing the Internet. Some people are accessing the news and information online since they are expressing their personal opinion instantly to get fast updates compared to the other traditional methods. 

Therefore, it is important to stay updated with the latest information you can get from the top news portals. So, today we are going to check out the top 10 Ghana News Websites to get the trending Ghana news.

1. Ghanaweb

GhanaWeb is a site capturing opinions and news about the country in business, politics, entertainment, and generic information. It was launched in 1999 by GhanaWeb B.V., a private Dutch company. The news and opinions on recent political issues and entertainment are made available to the public. It offers the most comprehensive background details and opinions, including listening to over 2000 Ghanaian radio stations, a Ghanaian social network, and more.

2. Myjoyonline

Joy FM is a radio station founded in 1995 and operated around Accra. It was the first English-speaking private radio station in Ghana as the news of the country and the entertainment center. Joy FM is part of Multimedia Broadcasting Limited, which is known as the largest private media group in Ghana that captures the radio, online news, and digital TV.

3. Graphic Online

Graphic NewsPlus offers the public digital forms of Graphic communications throughout six prominent newspaper publications. The Graphic Business, The Mirror, The Daily Graphic, Junior Graphic, and Graphic Sports are included here. It is a completely new version that allows those reading to have the digital forms of content and newspaper from the 24-hour news website and the alert for breaking news.


It is the top news website in Ghana. It offers access to vital information to the public. brings the public a larger coverage of the news about business, politics, and entertainment, among others. is showing the live audio streaming of the newscasting too. It is even part of the Despite Media Group.

5. Citi FM Online

Citi FM is a radio station owned by Accra’s Omni Media Limited. The station got declared the best English-speaking Radio Station in Ghana at the 24th award ceremony for Ghana Journalists. Citi FM is primarily guided by the community and social issues that require the policymaker’s attention. It is the leading news site offering top-quality unique, and creative news.


The Ghanaians in Ghana and other countries are keen to get information directly affecting them. The chronicle is the main choice for several. It is due to the massive coverage of local and international events. Each piece of information is detailed, and readers rely on it for business, political, and sports decisions.


If you are searching for a modern one out of the top news site in Ghana, it makes the site its best. It did not reach the different levels being the best preference for all. It starts delivering breaking news initially, and followers get assured of getting them before any other television and radio.

8. Pulse Ghana

There are various voices covering music, movies, entertainment, and news. Pulse Ghana is there, making the voices extremely louder while connecting with global audiences.

9. Ghana News Agency

It got established on March 5, 1957, which is on the eve of Ghana’s independence, and charging the dissemination of the reality unbiased news. It was the initial news agency which is established across Sub-Saharan Africa. It was part of the most comprehensive communication policy that started harnessing the details of the arms of the state for building the most viable, cohesive, and united nation-state.

10. GhHeadlines News

Gh Headlines is the site for news aggregation. It searches to bring them to the doorsteps across the news sites in Ghana since the beginning. It offers you every headline that you require from various other news sites.