7 reasons women continue to use false eyelashes

A new beauty trend seems to emerge every day. And while some trends come and go, others stick around for a while. One such rapidly growing, versatile, and glamorous accessory is fake eyelashes.

In the past, when women needed longer eyelashes, they experimented with various home remedies to give their lashes a fuller, more beautiful look. Thankfully, with the introduction of false lashes, the cosmetic trend has taken a new turn, and for the better.

If you’re unfamiliar, false eyelashes are non-permanent strips of hair attached on top of your eyelashes using nothing more than a pair of tweezers and some eyeliner glue. Today, false lashes are available everywhere. And this “everywhere” doesn’t just include local drugstores to specialized beauty salons but literally perched on to the lids of most girls and women.

So, what’s so special about false lashes that make them one of the top-used beauty accessories? To answer that, take a look at some of the below-given reasons (or facts, if you will) that’ll make you want to wear fake lashes.

Fashion Accessories – Reasons Why False Lashes Are Growing In Popularity Among Women

They Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Brighter

There are many reasons why women love to wear false eyelashes. Perhaps the most obvious is that they make your eyes look bigger and brighter, drawing attention to this important feature of our face. Also, it gives your lashes a thicker look. It’s the most effective makeup item to finish off your look. Even eyeliner cannot have the same effect as false eyelashes when setting the tone for your overall appearance in the eyes. It means that even if you don’t wear any makeup, you can instantly look like you did by applying a pair of false eyelashes.

So, whether you love them for their looks, functionality or simply because you enjoy the experience of wearing them, there’s no doubt that false eyelashes are a must-have accessory for any woman who cares about her appearance.

Easy To Use

Another reason women prefer fake lashes is that they provide a quick and easy way to enhance one’s appearance and achieve a more dramatic look, especially when you’re short on time. With just the flick of a pair of falsies, you can add instant volume and create the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes even on the busiest of days. So if you’re looking for an effortless way to elevate your style game, you can’t go wrong with false lashes!

Different Styles To Choose From

A great benefit of wearing falsies is they offer an incredible range of style options, from dramatic and voluminous to flirty and fluttery. Moreover, they are extremely versatile and can complement the look of virtually any eye shape or face type.


Besides all the other advantages that false lashes offer, one of the best is that they’re incredibly affordable, especially compared to other beauty products like mascara or eye shadow. This makes them accessible to people of all income levels.

Good For Your Natural Lashes

In addition to the effect it has on your appearance, falsies can actually benefit your natural lashes. For one, having longer lashes protects the eyes from dust and dirt. Our eyes are extremely sensitive and prone to irritation and redness. Additionally, longer lashes can act as a shield that prevents debris from entering the eyes.

And secondly, false eyelashes work as a substitute to reduce the effect on your natural lashes, unlike mascara, which can make them weak and flaky. However, while wearing one, you must avoid rubbing your eyes as you risk the falsies as well as your natural lashes being pulled out.

You Can Transform Your Look Within Minutes

When you want to look a little extra, while wearing your regular makeup, you can count on your false eyelashes to make a great impression. When you want to, you can effortlessly look classy with your falsies.

Be Camera-Ready Always

You cannot afford to look less than stunning on occasions where photos will be taken here and there. Thankfully, with false lashes, you can be confident that your eyes will look stunning throughout the day.even as the makeup or the lipstick you applied earlier starts to fade, allowing you to be prepared for the camera all day long.

The Bottom Line

With the reasons given above, it’s quite evident why false lashes are growing in popularity among women. False lashes not only help you achieve a glamorous look but can do so within minutes. So, why not grab yourself a pair of high-quality falsies by contacting businesses like Liscious Winks and browsing their extensive selection of natural, vegan, or mink eyelashes today!