Laws of the UAE You REALLY Need to Know

Even though the UAE is a fun and interactive place that appeals to all people from around the world. There are still laws of the place that most people might find extremely strange. However, going against them is:

1- Not allowed in any circumstance whatsoever and

2- Can result in fines and imprisonments of huge magnitudes.

If you’re coming to the UAE, you need to know the major laws that can land you in huge troubles. Suffice it to say, lawyers in Dubai will be the only one on your side if things go south. Therefore, it’s best to be in touch with them. There are numerous cases with examples that your lawyer can catch you up on relating to each law. Let’s discuss some of them to have an idea of what to look out for in the UAE.

Inappropriate Behavior:

The UAE condemns all sorts of inappropriate behavior that is deemed so by the law of the Emirates. This includes:

  • Touching someone without consent in inappropriate places such as patting someone on the hips
  • Taking a photograph of someone without their explicit consent
  • Eating out in public spaces during the month of Ramadan, even if you’re not a Muslim.
  • Kissing, hugging, and holding hands in public which is condemned in the Emirates.

It’s utterly useless if you wish to do any of the above in the UAE and hope to be exempt from charges. Given the country’s smart government system, you are bound to face charges if caught doing any of the above.

In fact, various individuals have received fines of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars along with prison sentences. Simple kissing and hugging can land you in prison for a term of months. A foreign couple was fined and imprisoned for kissing in a restaurant.

Inappropriate Dressing:

There are many beaches in the UAE that attract a lot of attention from people worldwide. However, these are the only places where you can dress in shorts, shirts, short skirts, and plunging necklines. The most important thing to note here is that this law is not just limited to females. This also applies to males in the country. You can’t wear anything immodest outside the beaches and pool areas. If caught, you’ll face dire consequences ranging from large fines to long sentences.

There is no concept of topless bathing in the UAE. Even if you’re on the beach and have your own private beachfront, you can’t be topless in the UAE. In fact, almost 80 people were arrested for not dressing appropriately on beaches in 2008.

You Can’t Live Together:

If you’re living with a person of the opposite sex, you can’t move in together unless you’re married. In fact, you can’t even spend a single night in any hotel. That goes even if the hotel doesn’t ask for your marriage certificate at the time of entry.

There is no exception to this rule. A good example to follow is that of a British woman who reported a case of rape, and the authorities arrested her. They claimed that the victim was in violation of the Emirates’ law. The violation was her being in a room with a man who’s not her husband. So, if you’re thinking of coming to the UAE with your girlfriend/boyfriend, it’s best if you consider this.

UAE Labor Law:

All the people looking to work in the UAE need to know the laws of the country regarding employment. This is necessary not only in ensuring that you stay out of trouble but that you get what you deserve. There are certain modifications in the employment laws that are not available everywhere making UAE unique. These laws are extremely helpful and provide sufficient benefits to employees, putting pressure on employers. Basically, you should know the following facts about the UAE labor law:

Annual Leaves:

You have a right to annual leaves on the following:

  1. Eid Al Fitr: (29 Ramadan-3 Shawwal) [4]
  2. Arafat Day: (9 Dhu al Hijjah) [1]
  3. Eid Al Adha: (10-12 Dhu al Hijjah) [3]
  4. Hijri New Year: (23 August) [1]
  5. Commemoration Day: (1 December) [1]
  6. New Year: (1 January) [1]
  7. National Day: (2-3 December) [1]