How Can CX Consulting Services Help In Building CRM Success Stories?

These days, most organizations prefer using CX support software tools to improve the quality of their services. Instead of telephonic calls, you would see most business websites make use of the automated chatbot facility on their home pages. Depending upon your business goals, CX consulting services firm can suggest an appropriate customer-serving strategy for you.

The use of chatbots is common across various business verticals, including travel sites, the real estate sector, fashion stores, and various online merchandise outlets. The use of AI has made it possible for customers to directly interact with the business without the use of intermediaries. Thus, it’s a win-win scenario for both the customer and the firm. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management): A Perspective     

If you haven’t leveraged the potential of new technologies but want to amp up your customer support services, the integration of necessary software is vital. It offers you with a hassle-free order-booking process and an enriched CX (Customer Experience) to your audience. You may integrate the same into multiple web and mobile platforms to ensure outstanding customer services to your end users.  

Most of the CRM success stories revolve around automated campaigns, AI-powered chatbots, and versatile customer support operations. At the same time, you also need to prioritize the need of the customers.  As a business firm, you can’t treat all customers equally. You need to provide a customized online experience to your repeat clients and customers bolster their confidence in your firm and retain their customer loyalty. 

What remains constant is the priority of the firm toward customer support services. Quality service is the key to offer live support services. For example, when a customer needs immediate help, your business must have a Toll-free number or hotline facility to directly reach out to customer executives or senior team members for help.  

In such cases, it’s futile to imagine your customers sending you emails or engaging with your AI-powered chatbots on the official website. But in no way, you should stop using AI or CX software in your business. 

The idea is to maintain an optimum balance through which you can treat various customers as per their needs. Most customers prefer self-service these days as it saves time and effort. However, customers want personalized touch or intervention when their problems escalate. 

CRM Success Stories: Case Studies

Take the example of LA Metro. The Los Angeles’ transport agency struggled due to less turnover because it couldn’t provide—Transit Access Pass (TAP)–an online facility to its customers. It aimed at helping LA Metro customers check their accounts and pay online. 

The management completely overhauled the system and transferred the entire system infrastructure and database to a new high-performing website. The rest is history as thousands of customers got the chance to promptly check their accounts and book tickets from any device. 

Similarly, Alavaria, a contact center solutions provider, wanted to enhance its customer service capabilities. It opted for automated AI-powered integration and solution to facilitate language translation for customers in a quick time. It helped the company improve its customer experience CX manifold times and thus enhanced its sales.


You can improve your ROI and profitability by enhancing CX. Every manager at the top level needs to understand the difference between siloed data in disarrayed systems and a seamless environment for CX delivery. The solution lies in implementing a meticulous CRM strategy to bring a digital transformation.

Without wasting a moment, you need to contact Virtuos, a CX consulting services firm, to implement appropriate customer support services. They are professional digital solution architects and can help your business grow by leaps and bounds.