Want to Get Younger Looking Skin? 4 Top Treatments In 2022

The most awkward thing about aging’s visible toll is that you can’t really foresee how you are going to tackle it. On one day, you pat on moisturizer, while on another day, you would be longing for skincare treatment. Some people may even shrug and feel proud by comparing themselves with some actresses who look their age while others brag about their well-earned badges of a life lived. In short, too many cooks spoil the broth. 

So, for those, who consider skincare a very serious business, let’s consider some skin tightening treatments that are getting prominence in Dubai nowadays. While it may sound bizarre to you, as the skincare industry continues to grow, so are techniques that promise to give you seamless and smoother skin. HydraFacial in Dubai is a prime example of this.

Most importantly, you can now pay a dermatologist or medical spa professional to target virtually any problematic part on your body, from acne scars to precancerous growths. Therefore, say goodbye to older days when you were using moisturizer and sunscreen, and welcome the new frontier – technology that will literally turn the clock back and de-age your face. Go ahead and read on to find the amazing anti-aging skin treatments.


Microneedling is exactly the same as it sounds. In this treatment, a medical professional applies either a pen-like device or a fine-needle roller to your skin. This creates a whole bunch of tiny tears. While this may sound insane as you are trying to look younger while tearing your skin is taking you backward, here lies a mystery. The whole process is actually increasing your collagen production. Since collagen is the main component of the skin that keeps it tightened and erect, this technique tightens and removes any wrinkles that your skin has.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

A few years back, this method was used to treat tendons only. However, as skin tightening is getting common, dermatologists are using this method for erecting skin as well. Commonly called a ‘vampire facial’, the technique is not as complex as the name suggests.

In this treatment, while taking a sample of your blood, the doctor extracts plasma and platelets to create a concentrated sample of Platelet-rich plasma (PRP). After using microneedles, they inject the solution back into your skin. All this ends up stimulating your collagen production. This helps you get rid of acne scars, fine lines and even hyperpigmentation.

Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency treatments help tighten loose skin. This technique includes a micro inflammatory process that accentuates the production of collagen. Basically, the layers of your skin are heated by a handheld device that emits energy into your skin. You will feel about getting a hot stone bath. This treatment can tighten all over your body but you need 6 to 12 treatments for optimal results.


Ultherapy and radiofrequency are somehow the same skin tightening procedures. The difference is that the former uses ultrasound technology to target the deeper layer of the skin. This then boosts the production of collagen.

By using state-of-the-art micro-focused ultrasound technology, Ultherapy effectively lifts and tightens skin. Areas of focus for the treatment included brow, neck and jawline. The treatment also visibly diminished the appearance of fines lines and wrinkles in general areas.

While the grass always looks greener on the other side, there are some side-effects that are associated with these treatments. So, discuss with your doctor about all the possible alternatives before you make any decision.