How to become web designer on your own

Remember that any person with a creative mind can become a web designer. It is not necessary to be an artist from birth. However, an important feature of a good web designer is the ability to find non-standard solutions to problems. Studying web design from scratch in this case will pass much more efficiently and your chances to get a decent job will be much higher.

In our subjective view, cool designers are the people who easily balance between the humanities and the technical sciences. Web design is not just a beautiful picture. It’s also a mountains of analytic data, understanding user psychology, and sometimes working with code.

Is it possible to become a web designer without education?

Definitely, yes, if «education» means getting a diploma at a university. Without education today you can become anything. Except for the profession of engineer and doctor. Most modern specializations such as design, development or marketing can be mastered independently with due diligence and effort.

Can you become a web designer without being able to draw?

Again, yes. This time even more unambiguously. Almost the whole web design is, first of all, about the head, logic and analytics, and then – about art, pixels, layers and colours.

Of course, during the training you will need to learn how to correctly combine shades, draw shapes in a graphics editor and select fonts. But this has nothing to do with the skill of drawing flowers and rainbows, which you forgot to learn in childhood.

Mastering the tools

The first thing to deal with is the tools. It is banal, to open and play with the graphics editor, to study the location of panels and buttons. There are hundreds of free YouTube videos for each app. Our favourite editor is Adobe XD, so we talk about how to create cool layouts and prototypes.

At this stage, you need to understand the basic principles of the graphic editor (they are all very similar to each other) and learn the tools so that in the process of development of the theory you can apply the knowledge in practice.

Studying the theory of web design

Novice web designers often underestimate the importance of this step. And very much in vain. Without an understanding of basic laws and universal rules (applicable to any kind of design), it will be difficult to get a nice picture.

Practice, practice and practice

After mastering the theoretical part, you can go to work with your hands. In the beginning, you can forget about big orders, rich customers and gold bullion. Most likely, the first orders you will have to make either for minimal cost or at no cost.

Experience and well-watchedness in web design

To go beyond thк templates, you need to learn the work and solutions from other designers every day.

It’s not just about web design. Painting, architecture, landscape design, interiors – all this will help you to broaden your horizons and make your works more saturated, and different from each other. Wide knowledge in the field of art will help you easily «get» into the wishes of the customer, offering him exactly the style that he expects to see. Design is an invaluable skill that every cool designer must have.

Soft Skills for Web Designers

In parallel with the study of web design should not forget about the development of Soft-skills. These usually include anything that is not related to the direct responsibilities of the specialist but helps to work effectively and achieve good results.

In addition to the above skills, we also recommend beginning web designers improve their  English. Almost all modern software for designers, as well as many popular articles and books, are not translated into Hindi. Studying web design from scratch will require you to work with materials in the original language. Agree, there is something to work on besides design alone.