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Why Ebook Must-Have for Your Bookshelf

Even though eReaders like Amazon Kindle and eReading apps for phones are becoming increasingly popular, many readers still prefer print books by their best book writer. Even though many people like the feel of traditional printed media, eBooks have some benefits that print doesn’t have and are more flexible you’re your best book writer only published in print, then don’t worry! Print books won’t go away any time soon, and there are many times when eBooks are better than traditional paper media.

1.  EBooks Are Instant

You don’t have to leave your house to buy or borrow eBooks from your local library. You can buy them from a digital bookstore and get them on your device immediately. Even libraries now let you borrow digital eBooks, so you can get free books immediately without going to the library. On your eReader, you can get a whole library of new books by the best book writer while still in your pajamas or sitting on your couch.

2.  EBooks Are Easier To Carry Than Printed Books

Printed books, especially those with hard covers, can be very heavy, but most modern eReaders are light. It’s much easier to bring a whole library of books on an eReader than just a few physical books. If you finish one on your trip, downloading a new one is much easier (and cheaper!) than finding a bookstore. If you sync your collection to the cloud, you can easily switch to reading on your phone if you don’t have your eReader with you but have some time to kill.

You can only buy digital textbooks, which will be much easier to carry to and from class. You can even put all your books on your phone, which you already carry. This lets you carry your whole library in your pocket, so you can access your textbooks no matter where you are. This would let you study whenever you have a few minutes to spare, like while waiting in line at a coffee shop.

3.  EBooks Don’t Have Late Fees

You will be charged a late fee if you borrow a hardcopy book from the library and forget to bring it back. Along with print books, many libraries now also let people borrow eBooks. You don’t have to give them back by a certain date. Instead, their licenses will stop working on your device when their time is up. Digital loans will never surprise you with a late fee. With an eReader, it’s easier than ever to get library books.

4.  There Are Built-In Dictionaries In E-Readers

When reading a print book, finding a word you don’t know can be frustrating. You can look it up in a real dictionary or on your phone or tablet. Most of the time, you probably don’t bother to find out, leaving you to wonder. Most modern eReaders have built-in dictionaries that let you look up words by tapping on words you don’t know. You don’t even have to leave the app to see the definition. It will show up right on the screen. The book writer can help you with writing an ebook for you. They will prove to be the best choice for your ebook. 

5.  EBooks Don’t Take Up Nearly As Much Space

People who like to read obsessively usually have a lot of books, which can take up too much space and make your home feel crowded. But even if you have a lot of eBooks, they won’t take up much space in your home. It’s much easier to keep track of a big digital library than many bookshelves with hundreds or thousands of books you’ll probably never read again.

6.  EBooks Let You Change The Font Size And Style

In eBooks, you can change the font size and even the font style. If you need books with large print, you can change any eBook so that you can read it, but with print, you can only get books that come in large print editions. Most eBooks also let you change the font if you don’t like the one that comes with it.

7.  EBooks Make It Easier To Read Books By Small Publishers

There are a lot of self-published, independent authors whose work is only available in digital formats. Many of these books are novellas and short stories that are too short to be published on their own but are perfect for reading on a computer. If you have an eReader, you can read writing that you wouldn’t be able to read otherwise.

8.  E-Readers Can Be Better For The Environment Than Printed Books

It might seem strange to think that an electronic device is better for the environment than a book, but eReaders can be made with fewer resources than many books. Making one Kindle uses the same amount of CO2 as making 30 print books. Most people who read a lot will be able to make up this amount in less than a year if they switch to eBooks. Paper can be recycled, but recycling paper can pollute the environment because of the sludge made when the ink is taken out.

9.  You Can Read EBooks In The Dark

Because eReaders have lights on the back, you don’t need an extra light source to read them. You can read anywhere, even in the dark or with low light. As long as your eReader is charged, you can read without a light in bed, when the power goes out, or outside in the evening. This means that you can read eBooks in many more places than print books.

10.  Most New Books Are Cheaper Than EBooks

EBooks are usually published simultaneously as their print versions, but they are often cheaper. If you’d rather buy books than borrow them from the library or a friend, you can save money by only buying digital releases. This might not be true for older books, which you can usually find at used bookstores for much less.


There are many good reasons for readers to try eBooks. They can be used in more ways than printed books and have many benefits that make reading easier and more fun. No matter how you choose to read your books, it doesn’t matter. It’s most important that you keep reading!