Top Reasons to Consider Sculptra Fillers: Are they worth it?

Top Reasons to Consider Sculptra Fillers: Are they worth it?  

Whether you like it or not, the ageing part catches up with us eventually with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As an outcome, we start losing the elastin and collagen that grants our skin a youthful glow and radiance. Since we need more time to follow a full-time skincare regime, advanced cosmetic treatments appear to the rescue. 

Among others, the name Sculptra fillers are on the radar. Like dermal fillers, the non-invasive process smoothes fine lines and deep wrinkles. 

Before diving into the Sculptra treatment’s perks, let’s evaluate how Sculptra fillers in Dubai work on the skin.

What are Sculptra Fillers? 

Sculptra is a gel-like material made of poly-L-lactic acid, which is meant to be injected into your skin. The dermatologist will inject the filler where your skin needs nourishment and hydration. 

The hero substance is the Poly-L-lactic, a collagen stimulator that gets absorbed to promote collagen production in your cells. Since collagen adds protein to your skin, connective tissues and cartilage, it promises to grant structure, support and strength.

If you’ve decided to turn the clock for your dull and patchy skin, the injectable process is made for you. From the ability of skin rejuvenation to quick results, here’s why the Sculptra is gaining popularity. 

1. Nourish the Skin

These fillers repair the face’s underlying frame by boosting collagen production, which serves various cosmetic benefits. Once injected into the skin, the added fullness softens the harshness of fine lines, wrinkles and folds. Also, it caters to the bony facial areas like cheekbones and smoothens them.

In a nutshell, it rejuvenates some of that youthful contour of the face that begins to get thinner. Surprisingly, this filler has become the best liquid facelift due to its non-invasive lifting and revitalizing qualities. 

2. Brings Natural Results 

Most candidates receive a series of Sculptra treatments over several weeks. During the process, the dermatologist injects it in different directions to create a mesh-like pattern under the skin. Once in place, the filler offers in-depth coverage and is a foundation for collagen production.  

Although collagen production might be time-taking, the gradual onset of results will give you a more natural look that’s less overfilled. 

3. Long-lasting Treatment 

Since Sculptra filler rebuilds the face’s underlying structure with collagen, the injected material lasts much longer than other treatments. In fact, you may be enjoying the perks for two to three years to come. 

Even if you never repeat the treatment, you’ll still overtake the ageing process due to the extra collagen curated by the previous fluid facelift.

4. Low-Maintenance Option 

Another perk of the Sculptra fillers is their injectable nature, which can be performed in less than an hour without any downtime. Surprisingly, many candidates even schedule an appointment during their lunchtime. 

After finishing the single session, there’s no need to return for another shot for at least two years, nor does it require any maintenance or top-offs.

5. Allergies are no Concern. 

Many other cosmetic fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which retains moisture and hydrates skin. On the flip side, the Sculptra filler contains Poly-L-Lactic Acid, a material used in dissolvable sutures. 

As an outcome, this treatment poses no risk of allergies and doesn’t even require allergy testing as Poly-L-Lactic acid is synthetic. Once it produces enough collagen, the substance naturally vanishes from the body.

6. Helps Lifting Butts 

Besides enhancing the face and reversing ageing signs, did you know this injectable treatment can lift your buttocks? Undeniably, it’s good news for those stressing over their naturally-flat butts. The idea is to produce collagen, lifting and toning the derriere over months. 

If beautifying your buttocks entices you, handling your case to a professional cosmetic clinic like The AEON Clinic in Dubai is pivotal. Since opting for it on the buttocks would be different than the face, having an experienced dermatologist by your side is reassuring. 

Ending Thoughts!

The thought of achieving glamour via cosmetics has always attracted ladies. Yet, the advent of invasive and non-invasive processes has multiplied their craziness. Till now, we assume that you must’ve got ready to restore the youthful plumpness of the face and revive those early ageing signs. The special Sculptra treatment is worth trying, from convenient procedures to impressive perks and long-lasting results.