6 Powerful Reasons Why Morning Is The Best Time to Write

The job of writers is not easy totally! Actually it is one of the hardest and most exhausting because it consumes your energy inside and out but mostly inside which can drain oneself more quickly. Furthermore if you are a writer you are squeezing your brain to get not simply the best but also the most appropriate ideas for whatever content or story you are building. There are no fixed formulas or predetermined equations to use. Every output of writers starts from scratch and gets born from their own back-breaking and nerve-racking efforts.

Hats off to writers out there! Writers of all sorts are included. It’s not a piece of cake to create even just one article or one story pitch. Not just anyone can do that. 

If you who’s reading this is a writer you definitely can attest to everything that has been said above. The process is the most challenging part that simply means the whole task is. You do your research and gathering of information first and foremost. Familiarizing yourself about the topic is not enough you also must learn. You have to ascertain that you pick up facts before you write. After getting hold of your resources you can work creatively on writing itself. It does not end there because proofreading is a must!

With all the obstacles that exist before producing a good piece writers do need some techniques to help themselves bear their tasks well. As a writer you must know that time and timing are key factors here. When should you write? What time should you write? These are determinative questions.

Many people and studies will tell you that it’s in the morning. And below are 6 reasons why morning is the best time to write.

Fresh and creative ideas after sleep

You have just woken up from a good night’s sleep. After resting and dreaming your brain is fresher and more ready to welcome and stir creativity. Your mind has just finished its long hours of recharging so it’s now geared up for the new day of writing tasks.

The brain’s creative bridges are most up and running early in the morning. New mornings are accompanied by new refills of good mental energy. Brand-new and creative ideas can be achieved pretty quickly and clearly after a proper sleep. 

Strong will to be productive

As the sun rises and paints the morning sky, your motivation gets fueled up and lit up as well. The crack of dawn is another chance you get at life and that drives you to be enthusiastic as soon as you wake up.

Writers that work under a creative agency must do their job regardless of whatever however it’s true that writing is a job that you can do just anytime you want. There are times when you get fatigued internally and you cannot write because what you use is your brain and heart and not only your brain and body. When you are not emotionally and mentally prepared or conditioned writing can be difficult. This is especially true when you are experiencing the writer’s block.     

The morning is the best time to write because it’s when you have the highest level of determination and ambition. You have the strong will to be productive because you want that the day will be more meaningful and more progressive than yesterday.

Tough self-control against distractions

Linked to the competent willpower that you hold early in the morning is the discipline you set for yourself. You develop tough self-control against distractions lying around because you want to reach your goals for the day. 

You are aware of what could happen when you start scrolling through your Facebook timeline. You know how much time may be put to waste when you keep the television on while you work. Because you have embedded in your mindset that this morning will be better than yesterday’s morning you can fasten your self-restraint and do your writing more productively. 

No other errands consuming your time

When you make your writing job one of the first few things you do in the morning there are no other errands consuming your time. Your mind is clear and not occupied by other duties that you do not need to focus on. A single day’s events could be packed and could make your mind confused and uptight. If you wait for those things to happen before working your brain to write you will not be in a favorable mental and emotional state to perform your task.

You are not yet feeling exhausted.

If you attempt to write at the end of the day, you might fail to convince yourself to do what you have to do. The activities of the day both easy and hard can tire you out already. When your body is feeling spent and low your mind will not operate actively and effectively as well. 

The morning is the best time to write because it is when you are not yet feeling exhausted. You have replenished your energy from sleeping. You can put in an efficient percentage of brainpower and inspiration to your writing tasks. 

Look forward to receiving your end-of-day reward.

You are more exhilarated and encouraged to write in the morning because you can look forward to receiving your end-of-day reward. After breaking a leg to complete your write ups for the day you deserve a plate of a hearty meal from an expensive restaurant or an episode of your favorite series before going to bed. In this way you can enjoy writing aim to move quickly and do your best because that’s how you can say you deserve to enjoy the day with a treat to yourself! 



Morning is really an ideal time of day for writers to begin their work. The list above has just spilled the reasons why and they lie not! You will surely gain fantastic advantages when you start early. Your piece’s quality is higher and you are also less stressed out. 

Nevertheless you should also consider what works best for you. Look at your schedule your responsibilities your priorities your energies. You may confidently say that morning is the best time to write! Yet you are also free to make adjustments when needed.



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Orion Creative a digital agency and design studio in Sydney building greater possibilities for brands and businesses of all sorts. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.