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How to Choose the Best Ink for Your Wide Format Printer?

If you’re considering purchasing your first wide format printer, you should be very clear about the kind of work you want it to create, as this will depend on the inkjet ink that printer you choose to use. The printer will pick itself once you decide what applications you want to create.

Wide format printer sales are expanding, encouraging more businesses to develop improved inks. The inks of today’s new generations have a longer lifespan than those from merely a few years ago. Let’s examine the five basic ink kinds utilized to create common display graphics: solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and UV LED. Therefore, you must consider this article in which we must describe how to choose the best ink for your wide format printer. Don’t go anywhere, and keep an eye on this page.

Top 5 Types Of inks for Your Wide Format Printer

Choosing the best inkjet cartridges for people who print amazing, high-quality images can be difficult. Some advantages may not be available to other inks due to differences in their unique features. To effectively communicate the message and the finer details of the prints while using color printing and wide formatting, it’s crucial to understand the optimum kind of inks to utilize. Here are a few types of inks that are utilized in wide-format printing. So, don’t go anywhere and watch this page to reveal the notion.

1. Solvent Inks

Instead of using water, this sort of ink often employs ink dyes. The printing process uses volatile organic molecules, which are waterproof and UV resistant. It is also regarded as a resilient ink that can withstand various circumstances. Because solvent ink is so durable, it is ideal for vehicle graphics and outdoor applications like banners or heavy-duty vinyl. It is because these inks have potent compounds in them that aggressively penetrate the media’s surface.

They are rated to last up to five years outside without lamination before fading occurs, and this outdoor shelf-life can be increased by over-laminating the printed materials. Additionally, because the ink is highly corrosive, you will discover that you must maintain the printer running virtually constantly to prevent “clogging” and guarantee that the inks remain free-flowing. The print head will also require routine operator maintenance, such as daily cleaning, to prevent clogging and head damage. Therefore, if you want high-quality printers and reliable ink s, explore the Epson UAE services. It will surely assist you in boosting the performance of the printers and bestows you with top-quality printouts.

2. Eco solvent inks

Eco solvent ink will be the next. Even while an eco-solvent ink is still a mild form of solvent ink, it doesn’t contain anywhere near the levels of VOC found in full solvent inks, which may appear unusual when the phrases eco and solvent are combined. Because of this, the inks are completely biodegradable and have little to no smell. Light cyan, magenta, grey, orange, and white are among the additional colors accessible in greater quantities than with complete solvent systems. Colors are as rich and brilliant as those with full solvent inks.

Eco solvent inks also need a variety of materials that have been carefully coated, but don’t let this deter you—almost every manufacturer and distributor can provide these materials/substrates, so you would be hard-pressed not to be able to locate the proper material to match any given application.

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3. Aqueous Inks

This ink, which can range from UV to dye, is water-based, as the word suggests. It produces vibrant images by combining the dye with water. Because the dye is not waterproof, this ink is ideal for indoor printers. A few of the aqueous inkjet cartridges include Epson and SureColor Ultra Chrome.

4. Latex inks

This kind of ink produces the best prints when printed on vinyl. Without using any dangerous ingredients, it serves as a solvent. It’s a brand-new ink that provides an environmentally friendly solution and a promising outcome. Utilizing latex inks allows prints to be laminated right away without the requirement for outgassing because they are dry as soon as they exit the machine. A further advantage of latex ink is that, unlike solvent or eco-solvent inks, it rests ‘on’ the surface of the substrate and does not ingrain itself. Theoretically, you will have access to more materials, but the heat needed for curing could affect some materials’ dimensional stability.

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5. UV inks

This ink must be exposed to UV light to dry quickly and deliver results promptly. Despite providing a very effective outcome, this ink is a little costly. Wide format roll-fed printers for POS/POP applications, compact desktop flatbeds for promotional goods, grand size flatbeds for rigid direct-to-media printing, and hybrid devices that can handle both rigid and roll-fed media are just a few of the printers that use ultraviolet (UV) ink. UV printing has many benefits, especially when used with modern LED printers.

Additionally, outgassing is unnecessary, and the color range is comparable to solvent inks. The fact that UV inks also dry “hard” means that lamination is usually not necessary for outdoor applications. The VOC levels of UV ink are so low that the printer’s ventilation is unnecessary, which is another advantage. However, it should be noted that UV inks are typically more expensive than other systems. Therefore, consult Epson UAE if you want the best wide-format printers for your business. It will surely provide you with the equipment that meets your business requirements and customer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

The wide format display graphics industry uses four main ink kinds. It should be noted at this point that it is best to use the ink that the original equipment manufacturer recommends when purchasing a brand-new printer. Therefore, you have to explore the best printer firm that provides you the innovative technology printers and high-quality ink cartridges that boost the device’s performance.