Buy Midleton Whiskey in the UK: Top Retailers and Prices Revealed

If you’re looking to buy Midleton Whiskey, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done all the work for you and found that Amazon, Tesco and Ocado have some great deals on this whiskey. These retailers have a wide range of products at varying prices, so it’s worth checking them all out before deciding which one is best for your needs. Here are our top picks:

How much does Midleton Whiskey cost?

Midleton whiskey is a premium Irish whiskey brand that has been distilled in County Cork since 1975. The distillery was founded by Jack and George Roe, who were inspired by their father’s love of whiskey and began making it at home.

Midleton’s popularity has grown exponentially in recent years due to its wide range of products and high quality, including:

  • Green Spot (aged 18 years) – The oldest Irish whiskey available on the market today
  • Yellow Spot (aged 12 years) – A medium-bodied blend with notes of vanilla, honey and spice; perfect for those looking for something sweet with just enough kick!
  • Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still – This award-winning dram has been around since 1970 when it first won gold medals at both European Spirits Competition & International Wine & Spirit Competition in London

Where can I buy the best price Midleton Irish whiskey?

As you can see, Tesco is your best bet for Buy Midleton Whiskey in the UK. The retailer offers the lowest prices on both bottles of 12 year old and 21 year old, plus a 1 litre bottle at £30.99 (which is just over $40).

Which retailer has the best prices overall?

The best prices overall are at Tesco.

  • Midleton Very Rare: £6500
  • Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy: £295
  • Midleton 12 Year Old: £5000 (or cheaper if you buy in bulk)

If you want to buy a particular whiskey, check out our guide below to see how much each retailer charges for it!

Buying whiskey doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.

Whiskey doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. You can buy whiskey online, at a store and even have it delivered to your home.

If you’re looking for Midleton Whiskey in the UK, there are plenty of options available. However, not all retailers offer the best price or range of products so here’s our guide on how to get the best deal on your favorite Irish whiskey brand:


We hope our guide to buying Midleton whiskey has been helpful. If you’re looking for the best price and selection, we recommend checking out first. They have great prices on all their products and offer free shipping on orders over $1000!