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SEO for Dummies surely deserves to appear in the collection of the publishing house IDG Books. This volume could be the cornerstone for SEOs, webmasters or those who want to gain positions on the SERP. It could also be called “SEO explained to your grandmother”! There is no shame in not knowing this technique which aims to acquire better visibility, more commitment and better traffic on your website. Even those who know her could learn more.

The influence of search engines on a website

Search engines provide 90% of responses from Internet users. These are unique traffic levers that promote the visibility and notoriety of a website. Obviously, we are mainly talking about Google here. With nearly 95% market share in France, theSearch Engine Optimization services has a huge hold on the web search market. The Search Engine Optimization services is the regulator of global internet traffic.

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, optimization for search engines. Search Engine Optimization services can brings together all the techniques and strategies that push a website to be indexed and positioned by search engines. Preferably in a good position: 80% of Internet users never visit the 2nd page of results.

A good position allows you to win very interesting traffic without spending money or spending little on ads (SEA) for example.

What is Google’s mission?

Google wants to make life easier for Internet users and offer them a smooth and relevant browsing experience for each search they do. “Organize global information and make it accessible and useful for all”. Just that. Each Internet user must be able to find a website that meets their needs (purchase, information, entertainment, etc.). Each website must adapt to new uses and new behaviors to facilitate browsing: mobile browsing, importance of loading speed, rich content, etc.


Google has an exceptional database. It lists all existing websites and web pages. Google will collect hundreds of data to meet more than 200 criteria (keywords, netlinking, loading speed, secure website, etc.). The different algorithms will then determine which website deserves to be in first position. 

Some examples of SEO tactics

To illustrate SEO for Dummies, it seems interesting to give some tactics to improve SEO natural referencing, to optimize it.

  • Site content – ​​Semantics: Content is King, site content is the best way to get a rich site that Google likes. Writing authentic, unique content that is read by Internet users is a very positive message from Google and Search Engine Optimization services: your content enriches the web and therefore the importance of Google.
  • Webdesign : responsive design, layout of buttons and links, creation of pages readable by all browsers (desktop and mobile)
  • Technical : creation of a sitemap (map of your site) for Google robots, verification that all links are valid, facilitate navigation and readability for Google and for Internet users
  • Performance of your website: page loading speed, page security, clean and efficient website hosting, etc.

This list is not exhaustive. 1ere Position accompanies you in your project to acquire positions and therefore traffic thanks to technical expertise, a high-performance content center and a technical team that knows the subtleties of SEO natural referencing.