Should You Use a Personal Loan to Pay off Credit Bills? Pros and Cons

When an individual plans to pay bills due on credit cards, they dig up several ways to do so. As a single personal loan can repay several debts, individuals generally opt for a personal loan to clear all the debts of credit cards. However, it is important to assess the terms and conditions of the lenders before applying for a personal loan. CIBIL score app helps check your CIBIL score and explore the chances of getting your personal loan approved. Although, there are risks associated with availing of personal loans too. Individuals must strategize excellently to manage the repayments and clear all the dues by taking personal loans.

Understanding Credit Card

Credit cards are a modern trending financial aid for young and middle-aged individuals. A credit card is a reliable source of funds through which individuals can get funds now and repay later by the fixed due date. Individuals can use credit cards for medical emergencies, shopping, travel, and paying bills. 

However, often a situation arises when an individual uses a credit card in times of emergencies but finds it difficult to pay the credit bills. Furthermore, the more they delay paying their pending credit card bill, the more damage occurs to their credit score. Therefore, a personal loan is a simple way to get rid of credit card problems. 

Getting Help via Personal Loan

Did you check CIBIL score, and found it to be low? Was your pending credit card bill the reason behind a low score? Here is a remedy. 

Personal loans have low-interest rates in comparison to credit cards. Personal loans have fixed EMIs over tenure. It is affordable for individuals to manage their finances conveniently with no pressure of additional debts. 

A personal loan can be availed by an individual to repay several debts and bills with extra fees at once. Numerous lenders provide different interest rates and tenure. An individual can choose the right personal loan with low-interest rates after comparing their lender’s loan schemes. The strategized planning of a personal loan can organize and manage an individual’s financial goals. 

Personal Loan to Pay Credit Card Bills

Borrowing personal loans to repay credit card bills has several advantages and disadvantages.


  • Personal loan interest rates are lower than credit card interest rates, sometimes even half. It may be a money-saving approach to repay credit card debts via a personal loan. Check CIBIL score regularly to get updates on interest rates and manage the finance accordingly.
  • An individual can manage the payments easily as personal loan EMI are fixed payments. Installments of personal loans are budget-friendly and convenient for the borrower.
  • Individuals can manage their several debts in one personal loan. Thus, organising the finances and repaying the debts systematically without affecting the financial stability. To determine the calculation and manage the repayment, an individual must consistently use the CIBIL score app.


  • Having credit card due bills and a personal loan may overload the individual with additional debts. Individuals must carefully manage their debts, or they may have the burden of several debts at a time. It might disrupt financial stability and cause a fall in credit scores. To determine the debts and repayments, an individual must consistently check CIBIL score.
  • Personal loans are collateral and thus unsecured. If an individual fails to repay the due installments, it might trouble them by imposing legal actions and affects credit scores negatively. To avoid the delay and to check CIBIL score, one must have the CIBIL score app.
  • If an individual wants to avail of a personal loan with a low rate of interest in comparison to credit card interest rates, they must have a higher CIBIL score. Maintaining and increasing creditworthiness with several debts are quite hectic for an individual. If several debts affect the credit scores, an individual might be unable to obtain a personal loan. Calculate and consistently check CIBIL score through online CIBIL score app services.


Individuals repaying their debts through availing of a personal loan might be a smart financial move but with several risk factors. A personal loan has many pros and cons to return credit card debts. Credit cards might harm CIBIL scores. A personal loan can repay all the credit card debts, but failing to do so might trouble individuals with several debts with a high-interest rate. It is essential to check CIBIL score and manage the payments responsibly to avoid credit score loss, rejection of personal loans, several debts at a time, high-interest rates, penalties, and legal actions. It is essential to use the CIBIL score app to find when your score takes a dip and strategize finances accordingly.